Anna McGahan

Anna is a professional actor and writer, based in Brisbane, Australia. As a performer, she has worked in Australian television, film and theatre since 2010.As a writer she specialises in fictional drama for stage and screen, narrative non-fiction literature and poetry. Anna found a Christian faith in 2012. She has since lived, studied and worked both nationally and internationally, stretching and growing her relationship with God in diverse Christian communities.

‘Metanoia’ is Greek for transformational change of heart or repentance. I thought that it was an incredibly powerful and dynamic word to describe what I experienced, when I had a conversion experience essentially, and when I reconciled to my body, I reconciled to God. I wanted to follow my body’s journey from having really no worth, to being of this extraordinary, priceless value. There was a lot I needed to be healed from both internally and externally … I felt like the work God did in my heart could almost be tracked through how he transformed my relationship to my body.

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