The Pleasures of Pessimism

Pandemic, supervolcano, late capitalism, transhumanism, populism, cancel culture, the post- antibiotic age, the gig economy, the surveillance state, the cascading effects of climate change ...

Whatever the specifics, do you ever feel like things are going off the rails – or are just about to?

If you’ve read the news, watched a zombie movie, or gotten into an argument on Twitter lately, the answer is probably yes.

And you’re not alone. What makes us such apocaholics?

What’s so appealing about Armageddon? What are the pleasures – and also the perils of our pessimism?

"A rollicking, unsettling, and ultimately hope-charged read"

Meredith Lake, author and broadcaster

From the Introduction: Welcome to the Apocalypse

I think it was 2013 when it really, truly occurred to me that everything might get worse. I mean, I knew theoretically that civilisations fall and ecosystems crash. I could wedge ‘Orwellian’ into a sentence as casually as the next person; I was consuming at least my fair share of post-apocalyptic stories on the big and small screen. I was spending most of my time competing for an ever-shrinking pool of jobs in the wake of what only Australians call the GFC. It was also the year I turned 30, so, you know. Then I stumbled, in quick succession, on a series of reports that abruptly closed the distance, for me, between theoretical and oh you mean this reality, the one I’m in.

A rollicking, unsettling, and ultimately hope-charged read.

Meredith Lake - author and broadcaster

Publication date: August 2020

Title: The Pleasures of Pessimism

Edition: 1st

Format: Paperback & Ebook

RRP: PB $7.99, EB $5.99

ISBN: PB 9780647530757, EB 9780647530764

Page count: 74

Specifications: 180 x 110 mm

Categories: Religion, Christian Living, Personal Growth, Christianity, Popular Psychology

Series: Re:CONSIDERING (Book 1)

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