My Father's Son


Wayne Alcorn has seen the radical life-change that happens in men as they embrace the love of God the Father. And he has seen that love heal and transform men’s lives – his father’s, his own and the countless men across Australia he has talked to and helped heal.

This is his – and their – story. And the story of how God’s love transforms generations. A story that just might change your life.

That missing love causes real pain – a ‘father wound’. I’ve seen it in countless men since that day in the tropics so many years ago. It has been a significant part of my mission and my passion to help heal that wound.

‘Wake up the mighty men!’ This command from the prophet Joel is being echoed across the earth today. Nations need their families back and if we are going to get our families back we need to get our fathers back, and if we are going to get our fathers back, then we need to call them into authentic manhood & fatherhood. My Father’s Son is a momentum builder for heaven’s strategy of challenging, identifying, confronting, encouraging, unlocking, & releasing men into their destiny. Grateful for Pastor Wayne initiating a conversation for us as men to abandon the wounded life, disrupt fruitless cycles, & set new generational norms & rhythms. Without question we need this message!

Chris Estrada,  Pastor, Author, International Speaker and Director of Missions Me College

My Father’s Son is not just another book on fathering. Wayne Alcorn weaves together profound insights, with transparent, seriously funny storytelling and practical ‘how-to’s', that help you live and lead well. But My Father’s Son is not just a book for dads. It is also very much for moms, sons and daughters, seeking to understand and live fully with dad. It’s a book on God’s design for your very best relationship for your very best life.
Joel Holm, Author, teacher, podcaster and consultant

Wayne Alcorn is undoubtedly one of the finest and perhaps most enduring spiritual leaders in the world today and I and many others are thrilled he is finally putting his wisdom to pen. This book My Father’s Son is a must read for every person seeking to flourish in today’s modern world. It is the roadmap towards a more fruitful, whole and meaningful life.

Glen Gerreyn, Author of Men of Honour and Director of The HopeFull Institute

The first thing you notice about my friend and brother, Wayne Alcorn, is his genuine authenticity. While his book My Father’s Son will make you laugh and cry at the same time, inspire and challenge you simultaneously – what will grab you again and again is Wayne’s unvarnished transparency. That’s the Wayne Alcorn I know and love, and you will too!

Sam Chand, International speaker, author and leadership consultant, founder of Sam Chand Leadership Institute

I have known Wayne Alcorn for the better part of 30 years. I’m going to start by saying that Wayne is the real deal. His love for his wife, and his children (who are now thriving adults), has been a tremendous example to not only me, but to so many in this nation. There are so many things I could talk about, but I want to focus on his heart to see men find the love of a father and his desire to help people like me, who grew up without a dad for the better part of my life, to become better men and great dads. I have recently become a dad, and I’m thankful to have pastors, friends, mentors to guide me in this journey. 

It can be a challenge when you have never been shown how to be a dad because of an absent father. It’s why books like these are so important. I’m also very aware of the effect it had on me growing up, not having any consistent guidance as I entered into manhood. I had a loving mum and I’m extremely grateful for her, but there is something so powerful about the affirmation of a father to his son. 

Enjoy the read - you will be better for it.

Jason Stevens, Former NRL player, author, TV presenter and filmmaker  

The message of this book is one that is deeply needed in this generation. Wayne has walked through this journey and now has the privilege of helping others with it. My Father’s Son will inspire you to live your life the way God intended you to. As a personal mentor and pastor of mine, I can attest to the wisdom that Wayne carries. I know that everyone who picks up this book will be profoundly impacted. 

Joel Chelliah, Author of ‘The Chat’, Senior Pastor of Centrepoint Church

I have been very blessed in my life to have some great Father figures around me to help shape and guide me into the person I have become today. As a young 18-year-old starting out in life, Wayne Alcorn has been one of those influential Father figures that not only encouraged me, but 10,000s of others around the globe.  

Andy Gourley, National Redfrogs Australia Founder

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