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Acorn Press focuses on publishing books by Australian authors which are thoughtful, well-informed and written from a Christian perspective. We aim to produce books that challenge readers to think about the issues we face in twenty-first century life and to enable us to effectively engage the world we live in. As an imprint of Bible Society Australia since 2017, we aim to publish books that support Bible Society Australia’s mission to impact and influence Australia and the world by opening the Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.

Submission Process

Step 1: Enquire

Complete the enquiry form below with your summary and bio. This will be reviewed by our team.

Step 2: Complete proposal form

If we are interested in your manuscript after reading your book’s summary, we will then ask you to fill out our Manuscript Proposal Form.

Step 3: Submit Manuscript

If the committee is interested in your proposal, we will ask you to submit your entire manuscript for assessment.

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