Adam Dodds

Rev Dr Adam Dodds is Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Alphacrucis University College, and Teaching Pastor at Nexus Church, Brisbane. He has two Masters’ degrees and a PhD in Christian theology. For ten years he was Senior Pastor of Elim Church in Dunedin, New Zealand. He writes widely for popular and academic audiences.

Resilient is my attempt to help Christians to add to their faith knowledge (2 Peter 1:15). As a Pastor, I have seen many people’s faith shaken because their own spiritual formation was insufficiently developed. When life’s pressure came upon them, the cracks soon appeared. I wrote Resilient to help Christians develop their spiritual resilience through laying a firm foundation for their mind and heart based on biblical truth. Resilient explores the most important truths: about who God is (and is not), what the world is like, Christian self-identity, and the Christian life. Developing spiritual resilience is a cumulative process that leads to a steadfastness, buoyancy, and perseverance with deep joy.

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