Things go wrong. Crises happen. While they are not in our control, how we respond is. 

A person’s response to a global pandemic like Covid-19 or any other crisis is not down to willpower alone, but core beliefs and practices that together form a person’s spiritual resilience.  

And, like a muscle,  spiritual resilience can be strengthened. 

Resilient: Spiritual Formation for Mind and Heart shows you how.  

Pastor and academic Adam Dodds combines biblical teaching, real-life stories, and practical application to help you better weather the storms of life. 

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Dodds’ book is a gift to the church: pastoral direction for those wishing to follow Jesus faithfully over a lifetime, built upon a solid theological and scriptural foundation. Readers will be challenged by the probing questions throughout the book, designed to nurture the ‘spiritual resilience’ befitting true Christ-followers. Dr Matthew C. Easter Director of Christian Studies – Assistant Professor of Bible Missouri Baptist University

I have learnt a lot from this book – truths with the potential to change my life. I need to read it again, taking time to ponder, pray and apply the lessons. It is that sort of book: biblically rich, relevant, accessible yet insightful.  

Very Rev Peter Cheyne, Mornington Presbyterian Church, Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 

As the world is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic and many are scrambling to make sense of an unprecedented season, it is obvious that we are being tested more than ever. Has there been a greater need for spiritual resilience in our lifetime than now? 

Vicki Simpson, International speaker, Prophet - C3 Church, Sydney Australia  

ISBN 0647530775

EAN 9780647530771

Pages 124

Category Spiritual Growth

Publication Date Aug 2020

Dimensions 10 x 148 x 210mm

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