The Discipline of Suffering

The Discipline of Suffering is a transformative book that challenges the narratives we create during times of pain and suffering.

Unlike other books on this topic, the book offers practical strategies and life skills to reconstruct one's life amidst brokenness. It encourages Christians to confront personal challenges and embrace suffering as a catalyst for spiritual growth and a deepening faith in God.

Through real-life stories, the book provides hope, inspiration, and a safe space to explore difficult questions. It equips readers with the necessary tools to navigate through suffering and find meaning, leading to healing, resilience and a stronger faith.

Whether you seek healing, resilience or a renewed sense of purpose, The Discipline of Suffering is your guide to redeeming your story and finding meaning in the midst of adversity.

This book is a gift. With vulnerability and intelligence, Thompson provides a guide to thinking, feeling and reimagining our way through life’s most painful moments. In The Discipline of Suffering, the insights of bible, theology, psychology and story are woven together in the most accessible and practical way. This is a book I’ll return to again and again.  

Rev Dr Simon Carey Holt- Pastor, Collins Street Baptist Church

Life as a follower of Jesus is a journey towards being Christlike. And the problems and pain we encounter along the way are an opportunity for God to work in our lives in amazing and powerful ways.

The Discipline of Suffering is a great gift to the Christian community. If offers us deeply practical help as we live through painful experiences. Katherine Thompson shares her own stories of suffering with vulnerability, giving the book a deep sense of real-ness. She uncovers the myths and lies that we so often tell ourselves when life is hard and then invites us into a different story. Instead of believing half-truths about God and ourselves, we can reframe our stories out of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Katherine provides us with practical tools to engage in this task – so as you read this book, please don’t skip the practical exercises at the end of each chapter! Practise them, put this book to work and grow through the discipline of suffering.
Rev. Dr David Williams - Director of Training and Development, CMS Australia

This book, grounded in the lived experience of its author, Katherine Thompson, has grabbed a massive topic and wrestled with all the doubts, lies, truth and hope that circulate in the lives of those who follow Jesus.  The book has the authority that comes from the author having contended with the harshest forms of her topic – suffering – and, having laid it at the foot of the cross, taken the reader on a journey of discovery and healing.  It is superbly written and continually helpful – there is narrative interspersed with reflections on relevant scripture, with timely pauses in the progression of thought, so that the reader can do practical exercises that reinforce the wisdom just shared in the pages before.

Central and critical to Thompson’s work in this book is the search for a scripturally-told description of the place of Jesus, his life and teachings, in the redemption and restoration of the sufferer.  Intelligent and compassionate, honest and raw, authentic and hopeful, this book has a place on the shelf of any disciple of Jesus whose walk has been filled with complexity and nuance – for in it, they will find great wisdom.
Tim Argall - Executive Principal, Donvale Christian College

Publication date: September 2023 
Title: The Discipline of Suffering
Subtitle: Redeeming Our Stories of Pain
Edition: 1st
Format: Softcover
RRP: $22.99 (Paperback); $15.99 (eBook)
ISBN: 0647531798
EAN: 9780647531792
Page count: 224 
Dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
Categories: Non-fiction, Spiritual disciplines, Spiritual growth

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