This is not a book of cookie-cut spirituality. It is not a book of answers, nor programmable
spiritual growth. This book is a question. An invitation. A beckoning toward movement and
allowing your world to be shaken

A fish in a bowl doesn’t know that it is wet. Surrounded always by its watery environment,
it knows no other reality. We, too, suffer the same. Little fishes every one of us. Inescapably shaped by the waters we swim within. Whether we realise it or not, we all inherited a religion,

a framework for existence, a container that shapes our world

Yet, inevitably, there comes a time when the fishbowl cracks, when the safety we knew can
no longer contain us, when our world crumbles and the questions arrive. Woven dares to put
forth that this is not something to be feared, that it may actually be a door beginning to open. A necessary movement in our spiritual and life journey. It is the whisper inside, ‘There must
be more than this.’

Woven is a magnificent work-of-the-heart tapestry: its weave includes profound reflection on the stages of faith, along with personal and social insights, stories of deep reverential humanity, a strong sense of place in the natural world and the still small irresistible voice of God.

Tim Costello

This beautifully written book is for those who have chafed at the loss of faith and hunger to be twice-born. Joel McKerrow leads us gently but insistently through the grief of losing our religion to the less cheerful, less confident, deeper, more realistic outlook of what he calls the woven self.

Michael Frost, Morling College, Sydney

Publication date: November 2019

Title: Woven

Subtitle: A Faith for the Dissatisfied

Edition: 1st

Format: Paperback and Ebook

RRP: PB $24.99 EB $17.99

ISBN: PB 9780647530320, EB 9780647530337

Page count: 320

Specifications: 205 x 145 mm

Categories: Spiritual Growth, Christian Spirituality & Religious Experience, Autobiography

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