Joel McKerrow

Joel McKerrow is an award-winning writer, speaker, educator, creativity specialist and one of Australia’s
most successful performance poets. He is the Artist Ambassador for the aid and development organisation
TEAR Australia and co-founded The Centre for Poetics and Justice. He walks alongside young people in their quest for spiritual and identity formation and is in demand worldwide as a speaker on creativity,
persona formation and social justice.
He and his family are members of Eastern Hills Community
Church in Melbourne.

About six years ago, on the holy island of Lindisfarne in a 500-year- old house owned by the community of Aiden and Hilda, I began to write a book ... about my own spiritual journey; a book about questioning life and the world when the reality of our lives become unravelled by the circumstances of our lives. How we hold together who we are; the way we see the world, our spirituality, our understanding. How can we come to a place of being woven when everything feels so unravelled. It’s been a long time coming.

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